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Recruitment & Job seeking 2019

Product Designer intern


During the pitching process, the Designer Intern is responsible for creating a variety of designs needed to enhance the sales presentations. The Designer Intern must be able to base his/her work on the creative brief and deliver within often tight deadlines. The quality of these designs will almost always be a key-deciding factor of whether or not the agency wins the project.

1. Local Chinese with a bachelor degree in design required.
2. Strong interest for branding, lifestyle, luxury and new trends is required.
3. Potential to develop a passion for event management.
4. Results-driven, drive & working-intensity.
5. Responsible, can be held accountable for tasks.
6. Can be tough against adversity.
7. Great with details.

Graphic Design Intern


1. Company product photography, daily publicity work, company exhibition meeting layout.

2. Graphic design and production work of company advertising.

3. Design and production of corporate promotional materials.

4. Company website maintenance work.

5. Complete tasks within the department.


1. Have or are pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Illustration or Graphic Design from an accredited university .

2. A portfolio of work which demonstrates your ability to think creatively, solve problems and communicate design intent through the lens of current trend

3. Incredible sketching and illustration skills

4. Self-motivation and an infectious spirit of creativity, innovative thinking, and a sharp attention to detail

5. Adobe illustrator and Photoshop skills required, working knowledge of KeyShot and PowerPoint

6. Strong written and verbal communication skills

7. Exceptional interpersonal skills

8. A passion for storytelling through illustration



1. Responsible for sample development, product production and production related documents.

2. Execution of daily procurement tasks, making bills, and tracking the return of orders and the execution of order delivery。

3. Coordinate with development and procurement to control costs and maintain and manage supplier partnerships.

4. Delivery feedback during the execution of the order, abnormal follow-up, guarantee delivery and information smooth.

5. Tracking the feedback on the purchase, production and logistics of the completed order