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Recruitment & Job seeking 2019

1. Assistant General Manager

Job Responsibilities

1. Assist the project manager to do the daily maintenance and business development of specific customers.

2. Maintain good communication with the customer's corresponding port and respond to customer needs in a timely and accurate manner
3. Explore potential customer needs and improve sales performance;

4. In-depth understanding of customer business characteristics, rules and decision-making models, and assist in business research;

5. Coordinate the procurement work, be responsible for the follow-up and control of customer orders, and complete the customer orders with quality, quantity, safety and punctuality;
6. Work with procurement and design personnel to lead the development of new products, as well as tracking proofing and supervision of important samples.

1. Bachelor degree or above, male or female;
2. More than 1 year customer experience, experience in the gift industry is preferred;
3. Excellent communication and coordination skills;
4. Hard work and obedience to superior arrangements;
5. Can withstand certain working pressure and self-adjustment ability.

2. Purchasing specialist
1. Independently responsible for new product development;
2. Execute purchase orders and purchase contracts to implement specific procurement processes;
3. Responsible for the production of purchase orders, confirmation, scheduling of shipments and tracking of arrival dates;
4. Implement and improve cost reduction and control programs;
5. Develop, review, and manage suppliers, and maintain a good mutually beneficial relationship with each other to ensure that the company's procurement plan can be executed on time, quality, and quantity, maintaining its relationship;
6. Fill in the relevant procurement form and submit the procurement analysis and summary report;
7. Complete other work arranged by the purchasing supervisor.

1. More than 1 year of purchasing experience, familiar with the procurement process;
2. Have the ability to analyze the cost and determine whether the product meets the customer's needs.
3. Strong sense of responsibility and good character;
4. Bachelor degree or above;
5. Have experience in the gift industry or foreign trade company is preferred
6. Those with experience in the foreign trade industry are preferred;

3. Product designer

1. According to the customer demand information provided by the project manager, according to the different customer positioning and requirements, according to the time node to develop and implement the product planning and development design of each design group;
2. Participate in the work coordination meeting with relevant managers such as account managers and procurement, report the progress of relevant project work, discuss and listen to the opinions of all parties on the design plan, and adjust the plan accordingly;
3. Design and develop innovative products to enhance the core competitiveness of the company's product solutions. Complete the temporary work tasks assigned by the superior in time.
4. Work through the teamwork/independently to complete the assigned design work and assist with the work of other team members;
5. Assist the procurement personnel, guide the supplier's product production process, and do a good job in sample selection and sample preparation to ensure that the product is realized on time and in quality within a controlled cost range.

1. Proficient in 2D AI, PS, 3D rhino and other drawing software;
2. Deep design skills, high artistic accomplishment, aesthetics, and program planning;
3. Expressive ability, active thinking, and strong sense of teamwork;
4. Experience in product design in culture, advertising and gift industry is preferred;
5. Project design experience, high-end consumer goods, automotive boutique industry experience is preferred;


4. Graphic Designer:

1. Responsible for the graphic design work of the product design department, through the plane support of product design, the product is more complete and the scheme winning rate is improved;
2. Complete product packaging design and implementation;
3. Completion of the company's product plan, promotional materials production and exhibition related graphic design;
4. Provide graphic design support for product designers to improve product design quality;
5. Packaging design improves the quality of the company's products;
6. Planner work to support product marketing.


1. Education: Bachelor's (Preferred)

2. Create visual elements such as logos, original images, and illustrations that help deliver a desired message

3. Graphic designers need to keep up to date with the latest software and computer technologies in order to remain competitive

4. Incorporate changes recommended by clients or art directors into final designs

5. Use digital illustration, photo editing software, and layout software to create designs.

6. Graphic designers combine art and technology to communicate ideas through images and the layout of websites and printed pages. 


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