BC&swail U-type Double-layer Free-standing Inverted Umbrella

U-type Double-layer Free-standing Inverted Umbrella

  • Fiber umbrella stand, the frame is thick and does not shake, built-in integrated switch button, never fall off, no hands, comprehensive care of your hands, full fiber ribs, durable, because of the increase in the life of the umbrella.
  • Double-layer high-quality umbrella cloth, excellent German anti-mite ability, double-layer high-quality umbrella cloth makes the umbrella more stable, high-density impact cloth, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, not easy to deform, can maintain its flatness for a long time, easy to clean, tear-resistant Pull, there is significant German wind resistance.
  • High-grade matte handle, comfortable and delicate, ergonomic design, excellent touch, durable and easy to carry.
  • Exquisite umbrella cap, pad with ultra-light plastic film pad, no leakage of rain, also allows you to use the Umbrella in the countless process of collecting umbrellas, without deformation, improve the life of the umbrella.
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