Product and service design

 What customers want most is always a high quality product. Companies need to ensure that they continue to create new, high-quality products.

Swail makes the product an emotional bond betweenthe brand and the user, and the emergence of derivatives also enhances the brand's strategic awareness.

Our innovation department is always focused on brand technology and product innovation. We intend to use modern top technology to create a brand that isfiltering into people ' s minds. We integrate traditional products into new elements and upgrade our products.

Swail provides services such as branded derivatives design and brand planning. Swail provides business support to a wide range of industries. We are talent solutions experts in the business support field.

Why choose us?

Brand recognition

We have served customers such as Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW China, Audi, Volkswagen China, BYD, Mazda and other vehicle manufacturers.We provide our customers with a unique experience, thoughtful service,We are highly recognized and consistently supported by our customers.

Production advantage

Swail@ is one of the leading value-added service providers in China. The chief engineer of Swail products has been focusing on the development of automotive derivatives for more than 10 years, and our production plants are spread all over the country.

Design advantage

Swail's design and manufacturing has a diverse professional background. Swail has extensive practical experience in the development of new technologies and materials for electronic products and automotive derivatives.

Technical advantages

Swail combines user needs with business strategy creatively, working together with our interaction designers, industrial designers, visual designers and design researchers to achieve the goal of increasing the value of the corporate brand.