全球首款,融合音乐与保温杯的创新跨界智能产品,传递情感链接,分享美好感受。触动心声,亲近彼此, 特点: 无线蓝牙传输; 超重低音 强劲音效; 智能免提通话、来电语音报号; 支持TF卡最大32G ; 保温效果12小时50°以上。 适用于驾车、骑行、户外、休闲 悦耳聆听,芬芳您的心灵!专利号:ZL2014 3 0085689.3@Swail Design Manufacture,接受定制(B2A,B2B,C2B)

VI.USB card reader, sound card use Plug the USB cord into the machine [USB / AUX] jack and the other end of the USB into the computer's USB port. 

1, Without inserting TF card, open the [ON / OFF] switch, issued a "boom" sound, the machine enters the USB soundcard mode. 

2, insert TF card, press the [ON / OFF] switch, the computer will pop up a "Removable Disk" drive, USB card reader mode is entered. 

3, after the speakers connected to the computer, the MP3 songs stored could be played when the computer is on. 

VII.charging use method 

Plug the power cord into the device [USB / AUX] jack and the other end of the USB into the computer's USB port, or connect a standard 5V 500mA charging interface, the charge in the red light", when full "red light" is off. 

The machine built overcharge protection circuit can be connected to a computer or charger for a long time, about three hours to fully charge the battery; battery usage would differ time to time due to the different volumes. 

VIII.Low battery 

When the power is low, the system will automatically adjust the maximum volume output, and play "battery voltage is low, please charge (Voltage is insufficient, please charge)", the system will automatically shut down, then please charge; If not using the machine, at least once a month charge, you can protect the battery to extend battery life.