About brand culture derivatives

(1)Definition of brand culture derivatives

Brand culture derivatives are all kinds of sub-products that are well-known brand companies in addition to their main brand products, with brand promotion and profit as the main purpose. The behavior of brand companies producing derivatives belongs to the discontinuous extension or extension of brand marketing, so that the parent brand can enter another different category from the original product category.

Disney is a classic example of a company's success in the brand culture derivatives industry. Founded in 1922, Disney is now a world-renowned entertainment company with a focus on film and television entertainment, media networks, theme parks and resorts, and consumer products. Its various cute images and brand symbols have been extended and applied in many On top of the product, we create a steady stream of profits. Disney's main source of profit comes from the back end of the film and television industry chain, that is, the benefits of its derivatives after the film is released.

        In addition to the animation and film industry derivatives represented by Disney, such as cars, clothing, home appliances, jewellery, watches and other brand-focused industries, there is room for branded cultural products. In fact, internationally renowned companies are paying more and more attention to the expansion of brand culture derivatives business. Regardless of the mode of self-employment or the mode of authorized operation, the brand culture derivatives business brings profit to the main brand while the main brand The strengthening role is also unquestionable.

(2) Media attributes of brand culture derivatives

      Brand culture derivatives have strong media attributes. Therefore, brand derivatives can be considered as a market segment of the advertising industry and an important carrier of new media. 

At a time when commercial advertising is in a dilemma (creating awareness, but not creating trust, it is even more difficult to create a brand's reputation), brand culture derivatives are tangible and undoubtedly a higher level and healthier. Brand communication, especially in terms of lifestyle, is not just a product's personality, they can represent a specific modern lifestyle, representing a specific group of people with shared values and ideals of life.

Such lifestyles and ideals need to be expressed and deepened with valuable content. If brand culture derivatives have the right to interpret and dominate a certain lifestyle, they capture the favor of the target consumers.

(3) Relationship between brand culture derivatives and creative products

       In the early stage of the development of the brand culture derivatives industry, the products are refined and superimposed on the existing mature products of the market, and even adopt the method of OEM production; with the improvement of product design requirements and consumers The demand for unique design products has increased, and the original methods have been unable to meet the needs of brand owners and users.

The biggest contribution of brand culture derivatives to brand promotion lies in the exclusive characteristics of the brand. Imagine that if there are products in the market that are only different in color, different in packaging, and other features are almost identical, then the end user can't understand from the product features that the brand's peripheral products have any connection with the main brand. The biggest failure of brand culture derivatives. How to combine brand elements, brand features and products with different attributes of different categories requires in-depth understanding and unique creativity of the brand. Therefore, brand culture interpretation ability and creativity are important factors for the true success of brand culture derivatives.

  On the other hand, the development of creative industries has reached a considerable height in recent years. In domestic and foreign markets, almost all companies are competing for market share with new ideas. At this stage, the combination of good creative products and secondary design based on brand interpretation ability creates unique derivative products, which can meet the needs of brand promotion and meet the needs of original consumers. Stage characteristics of the development of cultural derivatives.

    Based on the understanding of brand culture derivatives theory, Swail has achieved more than ten years of industry practice and achieved certain results. However, at the current stage, the development of China's brand culture derivatives industry is still at an early stage, and many aspects are not complete, but Swail still decided to go firmly, and hope to create a brand with brands, designers, supply chains and consumers. The ecosystem of the cultural derivatives industry.